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Trusted Construction Law Counsel

The construction industry is complex and fraught with hazards, laws and regulations, which make litigation difficult. At Block & Scarpa, we have extensive experience helping our clients in the construction industry navigate these legalities and challenges they encounter every day on the job. Our construction lawyers draw upon both construction and real estate law experience to provide our clients with the absolute best representation throughout the duration of construction projects and any disputes that occur throughout or after the project.

With over 50 years of experience in construction law, our firm represents contractors, subcontractors, owners and the injured in construction matters, including:

Drafting Of Construction Documents In Accordance With Florida Law

As the premier Florida construction lawyers, we are able to draft all necessary construction documents to protect your best interests. Proper legal protection begins with these documents, so ensuring they are drafted in accordance with Florida law is absolutely vital in building up the best legal case/defense if ever necessary.

Breach Of Contract Claims

Breach of contract claims include damages for defective workmanship, schedule-related damages and damages for failure to perform. Breach of contract claims are extremely serious, so it is vital to have experienced construction attorneys on your side.

Construction Liens

Construction liens protect a construction company and contractors from not being paid for services they provided. This is an unfortunate reality for many construction companies and contractors. Our construction attorneys will draw up construction liens for your protection to ensure you receive full compensation for services rendered.

Negligence And Injury Claims

Representing both injured plaintiffs and defendants, we are able to see cases from both sides and provide our clients with stronger representation as a result.

Construction workers face a higher risk of injury than employees in most other industries. If you were injured in a work site accident, we can provide the strong advocacy you require. Our lawyers can help you with all phases of your personal injury claim, pursuing the compensation you need.

We also represent construction companies facing allegations of negligence. Ensure you are prepared in the event that your company is faced with negligence and injury claims during or after a construction project. Block & Scarpa will work to protect your best interests during these legal proceedings.

Breach Of Warranty Claims

Within a construction contract, there are several warranties. When either party breaches a warranty or claims a breach of warranty occurred, legal intervention is necessary. Whether the other party breached a warranty claim, or they are claiming you breached warranty, our construction attorneys will work to get to the bottom of the claims and protect your company.

Construction Defects

Construction defects, meaning when something is wrong in the final construction project presented to your client, often result in legal battles. Smart and well-prepared legal representation is vital in protecting yourself and your business in a construction defect lawsuit.


The attorneys at Block & Scarpa can help advise and secure you the necessary insurances for your protection during each individual construction project. Insurance is a vital aspect of construction, as it protects your employees and your business in an environment where accidents and various hazards are rampant.

Resolving Disputes

If a dispute occurs at any time during or after your construction project, the attorneys at Block & Scarpa are prepared to step in and communicate your concerns and expectations. With decades of experience, our attorneys can navigate these disputes in and out of the courtroom.

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With an unmatched reputation for success in real estate and construction law, Block & Scarpa is prepared to help you protect your best interests before, during and after a construction project. Contact us online for more information on our construction law services in Florida. You may also call our Vero Beach office at 772-794-1918, our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-266-8527, or our Orlando office at 407-440-2100.