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Block & Scarpa’s commercial litigation services will handle any disputes involving businesses, their employees and their services. Our goal is to give you practical counsel and to provide a myriad of legal services that allow you to protect your interests. Here are some examples of commercial litigation services you may need.

Class Action Lawsuit

Class actions differ from regular lawsuits because a defendant is being sued on behalf of a group of defendants. While regular lawsuits pit one party against another, not everyone is in attendance in a class action suit. There is the benefit, however, of having more attorneys work the case for the group of defendants. Product liability, deceptive or unfair trade practices, consumer class actions, employments class actions, are all situations in which class action lawsuits can stem from.

Due to the complex nature of class action lawsuits, hiring a lawyer adept at managing the many parties involved is a premium.

Shareholder Issues

Shareholder issues often stem from voting rights issues and rights regarding liquidation. It is important to recognize shareholder rights early on because if they are overlooked and rights are waived by the board of directors, it can be almost impossible to restore rights that were previously enjoyed. These rights, or laws, are put together during the initial formation of the company through by-laws and the articles of incorporation.

Employment Disputes

Problems in the workplace are relatively common but clauses can be placed within employment agreements to mitigate potential issues.

How Employment Disputes Are Handled

Most disputes can be settled through mediation between parties. However, if the dispute cannot be settled it will progress to the employment court.

A misconduct meeting will be called to discuss allegations being made. Your employer is required to provide written notice telling you where and when the meeting will take place and what allegations you have been accused of. You must also be informed about possible outcomes and the right to bring representation to the meeting.

You can go to an employment court if you are unhappy with the turnout of the Employment Relations Authority. You will be asked if you have gone through mediation and you can choose to represent yourself or get a certified lawyer.

Product Liability

When a company puts a flawed product in the market, it can be held at fault. It is especially important for products that cause injuries to a consumer. Certain standards are required by state law and vary from product to product.

In Florida, businesses are strictly responsible for plaintiff’s injury if the item being investigated is exceedingly dangerous. State law will potentially hold all distributors, sellers and manufacturers liable for any malfunctions with dangerous products.

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