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Prepared Guidance Through Commercial Real Estate Closings

The real estate attorneys of Block & Scarpa assist businesses with every step of their commercial real estate transactions, including closings. We use our considerable knowledge and experience in Florida real estate law to represent our clients’ interests at closings and work to ensure the transaction is a success. Our lawyers represent buyers and sellers in commercial and residential real estate closings.

Assistance With Closings

The closing is the final stage of a real estate sale. Though the purchase and sale agreement has already been signed, and all the necessary inspections have taken place prior to closing, complications can still arise. A misunderstanding between the parties can threaten to scuttle the deal. One of the parties can accept the terms of the agreement without fully understanding them, to their later regret. A bad purchase or sale can harm a business’ long-term financial stability. Besides unexpected costs associated with the transaction itself, there may be extensive legal fees and other costs, along with the drag on the party’s ability to do business.

Investing in high-quality legal advice before closing and dependable representation at the proceedings can virtually guarantee that your company will avoid this result. Prior to closing, we will negotiate the terms of the transaction to make sure everything is fair and your best interests are preserved. We will review the paperwork to identify potential issues and make sure they get resolved. Our attention to detail ensures that we will catch any mistakes, even though the paperwork associated with a real estate transaction routinely runs over 100 pages.

Protecting Your Investment

If the other party does something unexpected during closing or afterward that threatens your finances or property rights, we will use our skills as negotiators and litigators to fight for you.

Just like the rest of Florida, Indian River County commercial real estate has a lot more leeway in regard to the structuring of the property agreement, because RESPA does not apply. This leeway means that due diligence is crucial and complicated. We are well-versed in the various protection and closing documents used in Florida, making the closing process more efficient and safe.

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