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Legal Advice For Condominium And Homeowner Associations

Our firm represents community associations throughout Florida in the following specific areas:

Condominium Associations In Florida

A condominium association involves all property owners within the condominium building allocating a set payment each month for community maintenance, insurance and other community needs. Block & Scarpa has extensive experience forming condominium associations in Florida and dealing with any legal issues or disputes that surround these associations.

Florida Homeowner And Property Associations

Some communities and neighborhoods in Florida opt to pay into homeowner or property associations. This covers things like lawn maintenance and neighborhood security among other items the neighborhood chooses to participate in. Block & Scarpa can help with the creation of homeowner and property associations and the management of any disputes.

Dues And Assessment Collection/Foreclosures

The attorneys at Block & Scarpa have experience with dues and assessment collections and foreclosures of community associations in Florida. We thoroughly understand the state and community laws in Florida and ensure that all legal precautions are made in order to collect community association payments.

Preparation/Interpretation Of Organizational Documents

For legal assistance in the preparation and interpretation of organizational documents related to community associations, the attorneys at Block & Scarpa are here to help. We will ensure all documents are prepared and interpreted for a full understanding of community association guidelines in Florida.

Pre-litigation And Litigation Strategy

When litigation becomes necessary, the Block & Scarpa attorneys will ensure you are properly represented. We will assist and lead pre-litigation and litigation strategies to secure our clients’ best chances of legal success in Florida.

Rules And Covenant Enforcement

Every community association in Florida will have rules and covenants that need to be enforced. Block & Scarpa may assist in rules and covenant enforcement in Florida when called upon to ensure smooth relations within the community.

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If you need legal assistance relating to a community association in Florida, call the professionals at Block & Scarpa. Reach our Vero Beach office at 772-794-1918, our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-266-8527, our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-266-8527, or our Orlando office at 407-440-2100 today. You can also contact us online. When dealing with community association matters in Florida, it is vital to work with attorneys who have experience dealing with such delicate and important matters. Our team is prepared to assist community associations every step of the way.