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What are common examples of a breach of contract in construction?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Uncategorized

Building a home or business is an exciting process. But what happens when the finished product is not all that the contractor or plans promised?

Construction contract breaches happen all the time in the Sunshine State. With the real estate boom continuing, construction companies and contractors may have difficulty fulfilling every contract’s terms. Learn about what types of breaches occur more frequently in construction contracts.

Were proper materials used?

A common miss by contractors may come up short in is procuring and using the proper materials the job calls for. Some instances may result in structural issues, such as sagging beams or a cracking foundation. In others, it may mean that a company used lower-grade materials to finish instead of higher-quality ones. The court will consider the agreement broken if a contract calls for specific materials and the construction company or contractor does not utilize them.

Was the timeline followed?

A standard clause in contracts, regardless of the type and purpose, is a timeframe for specific actions to occur. When a breach of a contract occurs due to a missed deadline, one of two things may happen. The non-breaching party may agree to extend the timeline to accommodate the miss; in this case, an amendment works to memorialize the new timeline. In some instances, missing deadlines in construction may result in longer delays and loss of money. This may lead to a court action to recoup the money the non-breaching party lost by the time delay.

Contract breaks happen at varying intervals and degrees. A court action may prove necessary to either terminate a contract or bring the terms current.