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What risks do you face when you work construction?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | Uncategorized

Unlike other career paths, construction often has a steady need for qualified workers. This means that you may have a more reliable workflow compared with other professions.

However, working construction also exposes you to many risks that could cause injury if not carefully mitigated. When you are aware of these risks, you can take steps to protect yourself and prevent injury.

Slips and falls

You may spend some time above ground, working on a roof or standing on scaffolding which exposes you to the risk of slipping and falling. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of construction-related fatalities at over 36%. Your employer can help prevent such tragedies with the implementation of safety training. Your decision to comply with safety protocols and wear personal protective equipment can also improve your safety.

When working on or near scaffolding, stay alert and aware of where you place your feet. Use a safety harness and always wear a helmet. Invest in good footwear that provides optimal traction. Always arrive at the job site sober and refrain from using medications that could induce drowsiness.

Machinery-related injuries

Working with or near heavy machinery can also put you at risk of injury. Swinging equipment, falling debris or even the occasional loss of control of a machine increases your risk of a strike. Make sure you understand how to properly use equipment and that you have effective methods of warning other workers during operation. Work with your employer to verify the compliance of all machinery maintenance schedules. If you notice anything concerning, immediately report your findings to your employer.

Construction injuries can have serious consequences and could potentially end your career. Using caution and complying with all safety recommendations for the industry can help you stay in control of your safety at work.