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Benefits of retaining an attorney versus a title company

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Real Estate

If you’re involved or soon to be part of a Florida real estate transaction, you may be wondering whether there are any benefits to retaining the professional services of a real estate attorney over merely relying on the assistance of a title company. In fact, there are a number of important benefits to be realized by hiring an attorney who is experienced in real estate law.

Legal advice

The most important benefit of hiring an attorney instead of a title company to deal with matters related to a real estate sale or purchase is the fact that a lawyer can provide vital legal advice. While a title company representative may have some knowledge of real estate law, an attorney not only has that background but is legally authorized to provide legal advice and guidance.

Attorney works for you

A real estate lawyer be retained by a buyer or seller to a real property transaction and works for that individual. A retained real estate lawyer has your interests as the only concern and objective.

Preparation of legal documents

Although Florida real estate transactions rely significantly on the use of standardized forms, in many transactions the need arises for some type of vital legal document to be drafted. These often include contract addendums and other documents that must be created and executed before the closing on a contract can be completed. A lawyer versed in real estate law has the experience and legal authority to draft these types of documents, which a title company simply does not possess.

Some people forgo legal assistance in a real estate transaction because they worry about cost. The reality is that the expense associated with an attorney versed in real estate law and the fees of a title company typically are comparable.