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Understanding the different types of zoning is essential

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Real Estate

If you have specific plans for a property in Florida, exploring the applicable zoning regulations and rules is critical before getting fully involved. Failure to take this action could leave you with a parcel that you can’t use the way you would like.

Residential zoning

Single-family homes, apartments, condos and co-ops fall under the category of residential zoning. This area of law typically covers issues related to the number of structures allowed on a specific property or whether a mobile home can be used on a property. Residential zoning may also cover the number of animals allowed. These regulations might be a dealbreaker for someone who wants to keep a few farm animals and finds out they can’t.

Commercial zoning

Commercial zoning is another category to consider when purchasing property and investigating zoning codes. This category usually allows for hotels and motels, shopping centers, office buildings and nightclubs. Elements affecting commercial zoning may include the following:

  • The business type
  • Parking availability
  • The distance between churches or schools
  • The proximity to other business properties in the area

Agricultural zoning

In areas where farming is prevalent, individuals may want to help ensure the property maintains economic viability for the farm industry. Using agricultural zoning regulations helps restrict nonfarm usage and may require minimum lot sizes for residential units. Implementing laws related to farming helps protect the community from being overrun by residential development companies.

Aesthetic zoning

Aesthetic zoning is more prevalent in upscale areas. Some of the elements it covers include satellite dishes, landscaping, fences and solar panels. Are you considering adding a deck to a property? Checking for restrictive regulations is essential to help ensure you are following regulations correctly.

Knowing the zoning laws in an area where you want to live or run a business is critical. Discovering what you can do with the site before you move any further with the process is probably the best step you can take.